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We advise individually or in fixed packages, e.g. from a cost-effective short analysis to the transformation of an entire organisation.


Attend one of our open training courses on the topic of Scrum in system development, join our training program on the P4-Dev Framework or train your team in an individual training course.


Coaching is always individual, whether as "personnel coaching" for managers, product owners, system engineers or as support for a team or an entire organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is hardScrum?

hardScrum focuses on the process of pragmatic system development of complex physical products. We are excited about the possibilities that agile approaches like Scrum, New Work, Design Thinking, etc. bring. We combine these approaches with the Theory of Constraints, Lean Procuct Development and classical approaches such as Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering and Process Maturity Models (e.g. CMMI-Dev or SPICE) to open up agility for organizations with an ISO9001 quality management system and for regulated product developments. Our P4-Dev Framework combines all those ideas and methods.

Our partners

Partner for regulated development in medical technology

Framework for scaling agility, especially for the development of physical products

Agile Transition

Services along the agile journey.

  • Inception Workshops

    Clearify the expectations about today's organizational problems in organizations, that can be solved by introducing Lean & Agile values, practices and methods.

  • Analysis Phase

    The Analysis of the current state of the organization aims to identify and evaluate the potentials for improvement in order to develop and refine the objectives for the subsequent phases.

  • Agility Check

    The Agility Check is an option for the Analysis Phase and is intended for organizations which are already using agile principals and methods when they want to have an external review on their implementation of Lean and Agile.

  • Vision & Roadmap

    After the improvement proposals have been analyzed and presented, the responsible managers and a delegation of employees develop a vision of the organizational target status and a roadmap for achieving the target status. The results of this phase serve as orientation for the pilot teams.

  • Iterative planning, implementation and improving

    Iterative planning and implementation of incremental transforming the oragnization is the central phase of Agile Transition. Depending on the roadmap, there can be several increments of rolling-out Agility, whereby, for example, additional teams or organizational units are transformed.

  • Phase-out

    In the transfer phase, the hardScrum's support slowly phases out. hardScrum offers sporadic support for Retrospectives and consultancy.